Meet André Becker

What’s your current occupation? Head of International Solutions Engineering for Skydio EMEA

Where are you currently living? Frankfurt, Germany

Tell us about yourself: Having started my career as a creative filmmaker, I am proud to call myself a product developer and innovator. By constantly observing, learning, adopting, failing, and improving, I have become versatile and experienced in many different areas and have to come to love mediating between engineers, marketeers, and customers. I have a bachelors degree in Digital Film Making from the Middlesex University in London, founded my own production company, worked for an American cinema camera manufacturer, was leading product management in Europe for the global leader in drone technology (DJI) and now transitioned to the leader in autonomy (Skydio). I am enthusiastic about technology, try to save the environment, I am vegan and a fun guy to have around 🙂

Meet André Becker

What is your favorite TED Talk? Two equal favourites: The future we’re building – and boring by Elon Musk and Wizards and Prophets by Charles C. Mann

What do you connect with our theme “Together to get there”? I am showing how extreme complicated technology makes life and work easier for people. I think together, people and technology can ‘get there’, meaning making jobs easier, safer and more efficient. The technology keeps the drone save in the sky and the operator can focus on his/her job.

What is the idea of your talk? That the future of drones is autonomous. Autonomy makes this technology accessible for everyone, benefiting many people and industries around the globe.

What was the most challenging moment/ situation in your life? The Moment my body couldn’t sustain the amount of energy I drew from him by work and stress.

Share with us your favorite quote you identify the most: “If a design is taking too long, the design is wrong. Therefore the design must be modified to accelerate progress.” Elon Musk while talking about developing rockets.