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Aleysa Krit

Alesya is an anthropologist. Her profession crystallised from her passion of getting to know different cultures and comparing the diverse ways people tend to deal with the similar problems worldwide. She conducted research in the areas of “consumer behaviour” and “sustainability” at international institutions, like University College London and the Spanish National Research Council. Alesya designed multiple research projects, including “The Cultural Perception of Energy” and “Sustainability and Nostalgia” in collaboration with colleagues from Giessen University (Germany), Oslo University (Norway) and Yale University (USA) among others.
At the moment Alesya is looking at the topic of “sustainable aviation and tourism”. In her current position at the Centre of Competence for Climate, Environment and Noise Protection in Aviation, CENA Hessen, Alesya is responsible for bringing together scientists, politicians, and businesspeople to make innovation in the sustainable aviation possible.

Imme Scheit

Imme fell in love with the world of words the moment she learned to read and write, and kept a diary since then. During her professional years at the German development cooperation (GIZ), she frequently traveled to developing countries. This is how she got to know many expat families who live scattered around the globe and only share a few moments together. She wondered how modern families could experience everyday moments together other than through impersonal chat rooms. When Imme and her husband became parents, they made it their mission to strengthen the bond between family members. As founders of YAY, they developed an innovative diary app called YAY that enables families to document and share their child’s life story with loved ones.
Imme grew up near the German Baltic Sea and likes traveling to coastal areas with her family. She studied Political Sciences and Literature in Germany and France.

André Becker

With more than 10 years of international work experience, André played an invaluable part in the evolution of consumer and enterprise drones leading the European product management for DJI, the world’s leader in civil drones and aerial imaging technology. He has been a keynote speaker for global product launches, WebSummit, MeConvention and a driving force building up partnerships with Amazon Prime, the FIA World Rally Championship, Peugeot and many more.
Today he is pushing the boundaries of drone capabilities to an unseen level by implementing the autonomous drone technology in Europe with Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. He’s proud to be democratising the skies and spreading autonomous drone technology to make jobs easier, safer, and even help search and rescue and public safety sectors save lives.

Sally Schulze

Sally grew up in an inconspicuous suburban neighborhood with parents who had greater plans for her. However, these were not reflected in visions of grandeur. She was raised with a natural understanding of equal rights between her parents and of men and women in general. Her first touchpoint with women’s mental health was in her host family during a high school year abroad. The family had lost a baby some years before. Later Sally’s mother got ovarian cancer and like 90 percent of the patients she died within 5 years. 
One year later it seemed like a coincidence when Sally became a supporting psychologist for the neonatal intensive care unit and risk-pregnancy ward. She unfolded her passion for pragmatic psychological support and developed ideas for tele-psychological care. Sally strives to change the health care system towards more patient empowerment. Her goal is to give women more self-determination and to overcome disadvantages that are still reality today for too many women.

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