15.12.2021 | Carla Banc

TED Circles on “Optimism” co-hosted with Marriott

⭕️ TED Circles celebrates 2 years! 🎂🎈 We couldn’t miss looking back to our last “Optimism TED Circle” which took place at the beautiful location of the Frankfurt Airport Marriott Hotel 🏨 🏙 In the frame of this wonderful ...

14.12.2021 | Carla Banc

TEDxFrankfurt returns with hybrid event titled “Together To Get There”

Text by Emmet Kelly TEDx returned to Frankfurt after a year hiatus with a very interesting and exciting hybrid event titled “Together Get To There.”  Carla Banc, TEDx Organizer and licensee and Cristina Conesa Carbonell, Brand Promoter and Communication ...

12.12.2021 | Carla Banc

TEDx Frankfurt Idea Challenge 2021

In March 2021, we kicked off our first ever TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge. What was the Challenge? The Challenge was to move beyond old ideas and come up with new and innovative ones, which the World needed to hear. It was an ambitious endeavor to discover and ...

04.12.2021 | Carla Banc

Meet Sally Schulze

What’s your current occupation? Psychologist & Start-Up Founder – Mental Stark Where are you currently living? Frankfurt, Germany Tell us about yourself: I have left the traditional health care sector and founded a start-up that helps women to ...

03.12.2021 | Carla Banc

Meet Imme Scheit

What’s your current occupation? Co-founder of YAY / Tell us about yourself! I studied Political Science and Literature in Heidelberg/Germany and France and then worked in the field of international development for several years. I thought ...

02.12.2021 | Carla Banc

Meet Alesya Krit

What’s your current occupation? I am an anthropologist. Currently I work for the Centre of Competence for Climate,Environment and Noise Protection in Aviation, CENA Hessen. I left academic career to start impacting sustainability. Not just observing and ...

01.12.2021 | Carla Banc

Press Release: TEDxFrankfurt is back

Successful TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge and Save the date for October Frankfurt, Germany; 11 May 2021 – During the past year most parts of our social lives were put on hold. Plans and goals had to be postponed. On the other hand, it was thrilling to see ...

01.01.2021 | Carla Banc

Meet André Becker

What’s your current occupation? Head of International Solutions Engineering for Skydio EMEA Where are you currently living? Frankfurt, Germany Tell us about yourself: Having started my career as a creative filmmaker, I am proud to call myself a product ...