Press Release: TEDxFrankfurt is back

Press Release: TEDxFrankfurt is back

Successful TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge and Save the date for October

Frankfurt, Germany; 11 May 2021 – During the past year most parts of our social lives were put on hold. Plans and goals had to be postponed. On the other hand, it was thrilling to see that innovation and inspiring ideas do not stop, not even in a pandemic. To show this, the official team of TEDxFrankfurt organized in April the very first TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge. Everyone was welcome to hand in their innovative ideas the world needed to hear. The response was overwhelming and at the end the team had to narrow the contenders down to three winners.

The TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge 2021 was the first ever fully digital event organized by TEDxFrankfurt, recorded under strict social distancing rules in TechQuartier’s studio in Frankfurt. The winners of the TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge presented innovative ideas in diverse fields ranging from psychology to artificial intelligence and women in space.  

The winners of the TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge 2021 were:

Zoë Anthea CrossOvercome rejection – by smiling from the heart – Zoe suffers from Moebius Syndrome and presents in her talk three ways how to smile with your heart when one cannot smile.

Michael BernsAI Superpowers for Sustainability – Michael’s talk is about how to use AI for sustainability, not only to inspire and educate but as a call to action!

Ana CristinaSpace Technology: A woman’s side of the story – Ana Cristina shares her experience, advice and how she mentors girls and women to follow careers in the Space sector. 

Carla Banc, the main organizer of the TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge said: “I am so proud of all these amazing ideas that were handed in – it really shows the diversity of our city Frankfurt and I cannot wait to show more of this soon”.

There is even more exciting news: after two years TEDxFrankfurt will be back for a digital event on October 24th! Application for speakers is open on the website We welcome speakers from our local community to apply immediately and are eagerly awaiting your innovative ideas that will change the world.