MEET: Brigitta Hoeferle

What’s your current occupation?
CEO and Master Trainer of The Center of NLP

Where are you currently living (city & country)?
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a tenacious business woman, born and raised in a small village near Weinsberg, Germany, but I always saw the bigger vision for my life and followed my dream. 

I love my children and my husband above all else, we have a special, fun family bond. 

I love what I get to do daily, it fills my heart and I care for my clients deeply. And yet I create a balance of work and working out, which I love to do just as much! 

My happy place is the beach in the sun with my fam.

What do you connect with our theme “Fear Less”?
Fear is the acronym for “false evidence appearing real“.  As smart humans we constantly look for evidence to prove a point or support a belief. Therefore, I believe in continuous learning and questioning the status quo to gain clarity and “fear less”. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is working on it and taking action.   

What are you afraid of?
I have respect for dying and not having all my ducks in a row for my kids. 

I absolutely dislike the feeling of freefall and I would probably never stick my hand somewhere where I know that there’s a mouse 🤮

How do you overcome your fear/-s?
I overcome it by 

a) being aware of what’s happening 

b) feeling the sensation and finding a way to do it despite of the feeling/sensation

c) having patience and trusting myself through the process with compassion 

Share with us your top 5 experiences from your bucket list:
Moving to another country 

Building a business (three of them by now)

Raising incredibly caring and knowledgeable children (two of them)

Having a lasting and loving romantic relationship with my husband (over 20 years now)

Visit Vieques with its beaches & bioluminescent bay (twice already)

What was the most challenging moment/situation in your life?
Saying goodbye to my father when he passed, making all the arrangements while grieving and speaking at his memorial to deliver his eulogy. I was not “in control” and I learned through that process, that it’s ok to not have control or be in control [over the situation, emotions, what other people think or say or do].

What is your favorite TED Talk?
The Anti-CEO playbook by Hamdi Ulukaya
What a great story told by a great story teller with humor and authenticity.

Share with us your favorite quote you identify the most:
What you think you become 

What you feel you attract 

What you articulate you generate 

What you imagine you create

What is your talk about?
Relationships, both personal and business, are built on one skill: LISTENING! This should not be confused with WAITING, which is pausing until it’s your turn to speak so that you can share your own agenda in hopes of getting what you want. In order to unlock your sixth sense to building meaningful relationships, one must be able to listen on five levels!

Watch Brigitta’s talk: Listen to relate not to respond