MEET: Erica Burett

What’s your current occupation? 
Consultant and founder of The Career Lounge

Where are you currently living (city & country)?
Frankfurt am Main

Tell us about yourself:
10 years ago I came to Germany from Kenya to work as an Au Pair. A country where I did not know anyone, and barely spoke the language. Being the first person from my village who had ever travelled outside Kenya, I had nothing but one dream: To get into a university, graduate and join a multinational company because I knew that was the only way out of poverty.

Fast forward to today, I not only got myself, Business Degree, but I have gotten into some of the most competitive industries out there, namely Banking and Consulting, with zero connections, and I still get to compete on the same grounds for the same top career levels with people who might be more privileged than me. This experience has taught me one of life’s most valuable lessons: and that is Fearlessness!

What do you connect with our theme “Fear Less”?
Being unapologetically you!

What are you afraid of?
Not living life to my full potential

How do you overcome your fear/-s?
By putting myself in situations that seem “big” or challenging. Because it is only out of discomfort that we grow both mentally and emotionally 

What was the most challenging moment/ situation in your life?
Moving to Germany, a country I didn’t know anyone and had no language skills but still managed to build the life that I had always dreamt of

What is your favorite TED Talk?
Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get

Share with us your favorite quote you identify the most:
Being fearlessness is not being afraid, it is the ability to pursue your dreams regardless of the circumstances

What is your talk about?
Through my experiences, I learned one of life’s important lessons: Fear, doubt and adversity will tempt you to let go of your dreams and goals, but to hold on and achieve, you must develop the fearlessness to win so we can step into our purpose and walk in greatness.

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