MEET: Lunia Hara

What’s your current occupation? 
Director Project Management

Where are you currently living (city & country)? 
Berlin, Germany

Tell us about yourself:
I am passionate about being a leader. I started writing and speaking about empathic leadership because I noticed how excited others were whenever I shared how I work and what my understanding of leadership is. I write very practically and only about things I have experienced or tried myself.

What do you connect with our theme “Fear Less”? 

Fear prevents our personal growth. Therefore, we should always try to fight our own fear. The fastest way to get rid of fear is to face it and still do something that scares us. I wish people would understand that courage mostly means doing something with fear.

What are you afraid of? 
I’m afraid of spiders, height but my biggest fear is losing freedom of any sort.

How do you overcome your fear/-s?
I always reflect on my decisions even when they have passed to find out if it was fear that led me to a certain decision. From experience I know that fear does not disappear unless you do regardless of fear.

What is your favorite TED Talk?
How to Rewrite Your Life – Jully Black

Share with us your favorite quote you identify the most: 
People will never forget how you made them feel (Maya Angelou)

What is the idea of your talk?
I want to make leaders understand what positive impact they can have on the development of others if they chose to change their mindset and lead with more empathy and compassion. 

Watch Lunia’s talk: What’s next? How empathy, compassion and goals make good leadership