MEET: Pamela Spitz

What’s your current occupation? 
Freelance Photo Editor at the German Newspapers DIE WELT and WELT AM SONNTAG since 2016

Where are you currently living (city & country)?
Formentera, Balearic Islands / Spain

Tell us about yourself:
I love my profession and always wanted to become a journalist, since my teenage years. But did not feel confident enough to study journalism as I thought I´d be far too stupid and limited due to my chaotic upbringing and education level. But then I took the chance to enter this fantastic world through a side door: photojournalism. It keeps feeding my hunger for knowledge in political, socio-cultural, sporty, historical, financial and many other aspects of society since more than 25 years. 

What do you connect with our theme “Fear Less”?
To step out of one’s comfort zone. 

What are you afraid of?
I am afraid of not being strong enough to accept life as a cripple in the future and rather give my life an ending. Will I keep up with my optimism because life is too precious to throw away? 

I am still too vain and self- centered and scared of losing my independence. Need to learn how to deal with it. 

How do you overcome your fear/-s?
I don´t think about my future and enjoy the intensity of the moment, the here and now. And live life to the fullest. Searching for challenges and not stopping to learn or gain new skills, as I am losing others. And for sure being humble and grateful enough for all I have so far. 

Share with us your top 5 experiences from your bucket list:
– Hiking alone across the Negev Desert on the National Israel Trail called Shvil.

– Overcoming my fear of snakes since early childhood with a deadly poisonous tiny coral snake on a hike in the Brazilian jungle who taught me how to be patient.  

– Learning how to surf in Portugal after a 6-week hike on my own across the south of the country.

– Learning Arabic and chess in Ramallah / Palestine

– Recently falling in love again, after two decades of marriage and single life of uncommitted polyamory. Totally out of the blue, totally unexpected.

What was the most challenging moment/situation in your life?
Leaving my husband who remained totally devastated and telling my little sister about my disease. It consisted basically in causing pain and suffering to the very beloved ones around me.

What is your favorite TED Talk? 
To be honest, I have not listened to Ted Talks so far, as being a big fan of Podcasts. But I will do my homework and start entering the Ted Talk world, I promise!

Share with us your favorite quote you identify the most:
The day I stepped out of the neurologist’s office on a sunny day in august 2016 I felt relieved. Don’t have to worry about my pension anymore as life is going to be short and intense. I have been introduced to my new partner for life who is never going to leave me anymore. Mr Morbus Parkinson.

What is the idea of your talk?
Don´t wait until something happens that brings you totally out of balance. No reason to wait for something to change due to outer circumstances. YOU are the master of disaster of your own precious life. Fulfill your desires and needs without stepping over cadavers but with a healthy amount of egoism, humbleness, gratitude and grace. Vanity, greed for money and simple ego satisfaction are, unfortunately, unnecessary obstacles on the way to self fulfillment and happiness. 

Minimalize to the max, get rid of items, consumer goods and focus on what is really important. Love and acceptance of family and friends and especially love and acceptance to yourself.

Especially after two years of pandemic we have been confronted more than ever as a society with important issues like health, death, environment, self-reflection and the focus on preferences and priorities. Back to the roots if one is able to, back to nature and back to self-sufficiency. 

How the hell do we do that? Hmm, let’s discover it together, make jokes and cry about it. I will let you know about my few experiences getting closer every time there. Got nothing to lose anymore!

Watch Pamela’s talk: Wanderlust with Mr. Parkinson