Interview with : Florian Woithe

What’s your current occupation?
I currently have the privilege of being Hotel Manager at the magnificent Steigenberger Icon Frankfurter Hof. The flagship hotel of Deutsche Hospitality.

Where are you currently living (city & country)?
I live in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, that one likes to call also Frankfurt by the sea. 

Tell us about yourself:
My name is Florian Woithe, and I am originally from Ingolstadt in the heart of Bavaria. Already in 2006 I moved to Frankfurt because of love, and I am very happy here. My great passion is the hospitality and hotel business and that I can live this at the Frankfurter Hof, is the perfect complement. Since 2008 I live together with my husband in the district Rödelheim, which is particularly multicultural and very livable!

What do you connect with our theme “Bold Choices”?
I associate the theme of “Bold Choices” with courage and bold choices in everyday life. It is often the small decisions, the spontaneous decisions to go in a certain direction, that make up and change life. Sometimes you are rewarded for “bold choices” and sometimes you quickly realize, here I am on the wrong track. And when you realize that, it is especially important to take a learning with you and not to see the negative. We make courageous decisions in our private lives, but also in our professional lives – in today’s world, this is usually characterized by a great deal of overlap. I for myself can say: I like to make “bold choices”, whether these are always courageous I dare not judge for myself …But the most important thing is that “Bold Choices” are something natural. The baby who takes a few steps for the first time and falls down has definitely made a “Bold Choice”. It is the same for a person who decides to get married, buys a house, starts a new job. We are driven by the goal in the future to sometimes make “Bold Choices”. A fitting slogan is on the back of publication called “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”. A phrase Steve Jobs picked up and made famous. I think this slogan describes quite well the basis for “Bold Choices”.

What is the boldest choice you’ve ever made in your life?
I personally believe that there are a lot of bold decisions in our lives that we don’t even realize as such. I therefore find it difficult to highlight a particularly bold one. For me, the “Bold choice” was choosing an apprenticeship at the age of 16.

And why was this your boldest choice? 
At the age of 16, fresh out of school, it was clear to me that I didn’t want to study. What was not clear to me, however, what I want in life, what profession I see for me and whether the choice of my apprenticeship is the right one. I have always seen the apprenticeship as a cornerstone for the career and I was not sure if I was doing the right thing. At my young age at the time, it was my first conscious “Bold Choice.”.

How do you choose which choice to make if you’re in doubt? 
I trust in my heart. Most of the time the first thought you have about an idea, a situation, a decision is full of truth and I like to hold on to these thoughts and use them as a basis for a decision. And if I really can’t get to a “Bold Desicion” on my own, it’s very nice to rely on friends and family. These are the most important life advisors”

What gives you the strength to make a bold choice?
Knowing that a bad decision always has a learning effect for me. There are no decisions that are not courageous, because everything in life has a consequence. And knowing that a decision that turns out to be right makes you happy.

Do you think people should be better at making bold choices? 
I believe that most people make “bold choices” without knowing that they are doing so. It always depends on the situation. The perspective and circumstances often make even small choices bold choices. So it depends on the perspective of the situation.

What is your favorite TED talk?
My favorite TED Talk is already a few years old. I think from 2015 or similar. Terri Trespicio when she talks about “Stop searching for your passion”. Extremely inspiring, and also a bit of a fitting segue to “Bold Choices”.

Share with us your favorite quote that you identify with the most:
It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela