Anna Lampart – Photo Credit: Agnieszka Wanat

What’s your current occupation? 
I am a full-time Transformational Lifestyle Coach
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Where are you currently living (city & country)? 
I am currently living in Zug, Switzerland. But that may change soon, as I like to explore 🙂

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Underneath the crazy hair is a warm-hearted woman who absolutely loves people. 
I have a huge hunger for learning, curiosity for exploring the world as well as observing people, and an intense need to get out of my own comfort zone in order to live life on my own terms.
I also love to be physically active (yoga, pilates, dance, hiking, walking, swimming….etc), listening to music, and reading. Oh, and I could talk for hours…..and listen even longer 😉

How would you define a bold choice?
My definition of a bold choice is a choice that one makes regardless of fear. This choice calls for taking action while demonstrating courage accompanied by a strong willingness to take a risk. This involves leaving the completely overrated comfort zone, facing personal issues head-on, and challenging societal norms. Another aspect that we must take into consideration is embracing the uncertainty that goes along with it: holding ourselves accountable and believing that whatever the rewards may turn out to be, they are worth it. 

What is the best part of being a coach at TEDx Frankfurt?
The best part about being a coach at TEDx Frankfurt is watching people step outside their comfort zone, grow and achieve their goals. A wonderful part of the experience is being able to connect with so many amazing people.

What is the boldest choice you’ve ever made in your life? And why was this your boldest choice? 
The boldest choice that I have ever made is choosing to have a healthy relationship myself. After that…. Everything changes for the better.

What is your favorite TED talk?
Very difficult question 😉 I am showing complete bias here but the honest truth is Mathieu Renard’s speech last year, whom I had the pleasure of coaching. He showed us something innovative and made it relatable.

Anna has coached following ideas for TEDxFrankfurt:

What would your body say if it could speak? | Samira Peseschkian

Yes, you can be an octopus too | Mathieu Renard