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What’s your current occupation? 
Career and Business Transformation Coach
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Where are you currently living (city & country)? 
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Sandra, a Change Management Expert and certified Psychological Safety Practitioner with years of management and technology consulting experience in the corporate world. Previously, I have been responsible for leading onsite and remote teams across Europe and Asia and successfully bringing projects to life for global cooperation’s in the automotive, insurance, and banking industries. Now I combine my professional, academic, and personal experiences to coach individuals and teams to be the best versions of themselves and excel in their professional environments.

How would you define a bold choice?
A bold choice is daring to do what others don’t to get what others won’t.

What is the best part of being a coach at TEDx Frankfurt?
As a Speaker Coach I love being a part of the process of turning an idea from a light bulb moment, just an electric spark into a message that has the power of a wildfire. Once shared, these ideas empower us to make changes, the ones we have been wanting to make and the changes we did not know we needed. They prompt us to create a whole new reality and better versions of ourselves and the world around us.

What is the boldest choice you’ve ever made in your life? And why was this your boldest choice? 
Investing in my first coaching journey was the boldest choice I have ever made. I knew what I was running away from I did not know what I was running towards. There was no precedence and no celebrity role model, parent or organizational structure to lean on. I was forced to be my own heroine and it was truly life-changing.

What is your favorite TED talk?
Yves Morieux: As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify

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