TEDxFrankfurt 2021

TEDxFrankfurt 2021 – Content for Main Event

Text by Emmet Kelly TEDx returned to Frankfurt after a year hiatus with a very interesting and exciting hybrid event titled “Together Get To There.”  Carla Banc, TEDx Organizer and licensee and Cristina Conesa Carbonell, Brand Promoter and Communication Manager, hosted the event live from the TechQuartier in front of 40 guests and more than TEDxFrankfurt returns with hybrid event titled “Together To Get There”

In March 2021, we kicked off our first ever TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge. What was the Challenge? The Challenge was to move beyond old ideas and come up with new and innovative ones, which the World needed to hear. It was an ambitious endeavor to discover and showcase the most innovative and original ideas from speakers TEDx Frankfurt Idea Challenge 2021

Successful TEDxFrankfurt Idea Challenge and Save the date for October Frankfurt, Germany; 11 May 2021 – During the past year most parts of our social lives were put on hold. Plans and goals had to be postponed. On the other hand, it was thrilling to see that innovation and inspiring ideas do not stop, not Press Release: TEDxFrankfurt is back